We created an app specifically designed for a Windows mobile tablet, which could be side-loaded onto tablets given to Peroni sales teams. The app provides access to three precreated slideshows, including promotional videos, which fit with the “Servito con stile” re-positioning of the Peroni range as a premium Italian lifestyle brand. In addition, the sales person can access any and all of the individual slides/films from the pre-constructed presentations and put them together, in any order, into their own personalised presentation. Because pubs and bars can often be dark environments, looking at brochures can often be an eye-straining experience. On the tablet app, the glowing screen is a vast visual improvement! The app also includes a full brochure showcasing the product range, various bottle and keg sizes, branded glasses etc.

Tools and technologies:

  • C#
  • Visual Studio
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • html
  • .Net

A considerable knowledge of mobile bahaviour was vital in the development of this app.