I'll often work with in-house teams on agile projects, I prefer to be ingrained with the team and working in the same room as them. I find daily standups beneficial on time sensitive projects as they allow for rapid feed back on the previous days work, and questions to be answered to make sure the project is on track.

I work closely with both designers and back-end developers(having once been one) to ensure the project's vision is maintained throughout the development life cycle. As I prefer to work directly with the designer, it tends to often lessen the need for complicated photoshop mock-ups and UX guides. A brief and some low-fidelity wireframes can quickly be turned into functioning prototypes and then iterated on with the designer.

Even though I am happy to help pitch in with some of the design/UX work alongside a designer, I am not a designer and I won't be comfortable working on aspects such as mockups or iconography.

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