This promotional iPad App was initially meant to be an easy to use interface that would allow sales staff to be able to quickly retrieve pertinent information regarding car models on show at various events throughout the year. While having the information at their fingertips helped it was not enough. theu needed to be able to translate this into sales and so a simple form was added that captured customer information and the customer's need whether it was more detailed information packs on specific models or to book test drives. The success of this initial phase led Mitsubishi to branch out from just a sales staff app to include a custommer information secttion within the app. This would allow the customer to view videos, search information and book test drives from kiosks at the car shows. The app is now updated yearly to include new models, shows and remove dated information.

I worked on this iPad App at Incentivated where I helped oversee the back-end API's and then developed the App itself using xcode and objective C.

Tools and technologies:

  • Objective C
  • Xcode
  • rest API
  • AFD Library